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Science Fiction
Prospective Hands of the Emperor are ready to take the next step... whatever it may be. DUN-DUHHHN.
  • Started: 12/5/14
  • Updated: 0/0/00
  • Cast Size: 1
Darkness brings bloodshed. Light brings salvation.
  • Started: 10/17/14
  • Updated: 10/20/14
  • Cast Size: 4
Science Fiction
  • Started: 9/12/14
  • Updated: 0/0/00
  • Cast Size: 1
When I was growing up there were many things I had to learn. The different types of people who came in to my life,and what has happened to me in past and present.
  • Started: 8/25/14
  • Updated: 0/0/00
  • Cast Size: 1
Science Fiction-Horror
The ones that have the pandemic symptoms resemble vampirism. Some say it is a Biological Warfare, but we call it a DISASTER!
  • Started: 7/25/14
  • Updated: 11/23/14
  • Cast Size: 5
Super Hero
  • Started: 7/17/14
  • Updated: 10/1/14
  • Cast Size: 11
It's two years after the miraculous resurrection of Sherlock Holmes and life at 221B Baker Street has settled into domestic bliss. But with the return of an old nemesis and the kidnapping of Watson's child, will Holmes lose everything again?
  • Started: 7/5/14
  • Updated: 0/0/00
  • Cast Size: 3
Talthier, a world on the brink. Magic users are feared by the general public, but are they being mistreated? Is that the biggest problem? Can anyone stop the old hatreds before something even worse tries to wipe us all out?
  • Started: 5/7/14
  • Updated: 0/0/00
  • Cast Size: 1
In this world ghosts and spirits are a very real thing, but not as frightening as one might think. Take the role of a spirit or a spiritual medium and make your own destiny. For the spirit world is not as benign as it seems.
  • Started: 4/30/14
  • Updated: 5/31/14
  • Cast Size: 6
Don't get too close to the edge, don't look down, and whatever you do don't fall.
  • Started: 2/20/14
  • Updated: 10/2/14
  • Cast Size: 10
A realm teeters on the brink of destruction. Will you fight to save it for the sake of peace, or to destroy it for the sake of freedom?
  • Started: 2/12/14
  • Updated: 3/1/14
  • Cast Size: 20
Here at The Solaria School we believe that each person is special in his or her own way.
  • Started: 2/6/14
  • Updated: 9/5/14
  • Cast Size: 10
Science Fiction
A game of cunning and diplomacy between alien races, presided over by the neutral Terran Ascendancy
  • Started: 2/4/14
  • Updated: 7/27/14
  • Cast Size: 9
Science Fiction
When the going gets tough, hire tougher.
  • Started: 1/15/14
  • Updated: 9/15/14
  • Cast Size: 22
When one awakes in land he or she does not know, it is up them to decide who they are, and who they will become.
  • Started: 12/16/13
  • Updated: 4/29/14
  • Cast Size: 6
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