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Category: Active Looking for Writers
Two tribes clash across the territories.
  • Started: 3/7/14
  • Updated: 0/0/00
  • Cast Size: 1
Don't get too close to the edge, don't look down, and whatever you do don't fall.
  • Started: 2/20/14
  • Updated: 4/14/14
  • Cast Size: 8
A work in progress and the game is by invite only for the moment
  • Started: 2/20/14
  • Updated: 2/22/14
  • Cast Size: 4
An action RP set in the universe of the DS game The World Ends With You. You play as someone recently deceased. You find yourself in a parallel spirit world of the city called the Underground.
  • Started: 2/14/14
  • Updated: 4/12/14
  • Cast Size: 8
Science Fiction
  • Started: 2/14/14
  • Updated: 0/0/00
  • Cast Size: 1
A realm teeters on the brink of destruction. Will you fight to save it for the sake of peace, or to destroy it for the sake of freedom?
  • Started: 2/12/14
  • Updated: 3/1/14
  • Cast Size: 20
Here at The Solaria School we believe that each person is special in his or her own way.
  • Started: 2/6/14
  • Updated: 4/16/14
  • Cast Size: 8
Science Fiction
A game of cunning and diplomacy between alien races, presided over by the neutral Terran Ascendancy
  • Started: 2/4/14
  • Updated: 4/19/14
  • Cast Size: 9
Gifted with strange powers, a group of individuals gather to investigate the horrors which lurk in the shadows and uncover the truth about themselves. The only catch? Each belongs to a secret society with its own agenda when it comes to the supernatural..
  • Started: 2/4/14
  • Updated: 3/11/14
  • Cast Size: 10
Sophia has to avenge her father Blackbeard's death. And The Cajun Dragon will meet her blade.
  • Started: 1/28/14
  • Updated: 0/0/00
  • Cast Size: 1
Science Fiction
When the going gets tough, hire tougher.
  • Started: 1/15/14
  • Updated: 4/18/14
  • Cast Size: 18
When one awakes in land he or she does not know, it is up them to decide who they are, and who they will become.
  • Started: 12/16/13
  • Updated: 4/11/14
  • Cast Size: 7
Is your weapon of choice sword or wit? Mace or guile? Magic or murder? Will you help build up a Kingdom, or assist in tearing it down?
  • Started: 12/13/13
  • Updated: 2/17/14
  • Cast Size: 32
This story uses the Pathfinder d20 rule set. This is a home crafted world with many wonders.
  • Started: 12/5/13
  • Updated: 12/27/13
  • Cast Size: 6
A spin-off of the series M*A*S*H, the show takes place immediately following the end of the Korean War. AfterMASH made frequent references to M*A*S*H, and likewise featured storylines that highlighted the horrors and suffering of war, from the non-combat
  • Started: 11/12/13
  • Updated: 4/4/14
  • Cast Size: 23
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